Apex Technology Japan Co.,LTD

Top Message
We,Apex Technology Japan Co.,Ltd. (abbr. ATJ),established the company in April 2004
with the following corporate philosophy.

"We will deliver reliable quality"
"We will contribute to cost reduction."
"We will design according to your needs"
"We will comply with the delivery date"

We will carefully select only manufacturers with good quality control of Taiwan,Korea
and China by making full use of our long experience of design technology and quality control.
And we will contribute to customer's cost reduction by delivering reliable low price products of quality.

Company Data
* Name Apex Technology Japan Co.,LTD
* Founded
April , 2004
* Capital
30,000,000 yen
* President
Kazuo Kawada
* Accounting period
31 , March
* Location
Tokyo,185-0021 JAPAN
* Tel +81-42359-3050
* Fax +81-42359-3057
* e-mail sales@apex-tech.co.jp
* Map

300 meters from JR Kokubunji Station South Exit

Business Items
* Connector RF , PLT , MS , Water Proof , Pin Header , D-Sub , DC Jack
* Cable RF , Optical pach , Optical armored , Wire Harness
* RF Module Antenna , Device for CATV
* Primary / Secondary Battery Ni-CD , Ni-MH , LiPo , LiFePo4 , ER , CR
* Electric parts LED Display , Metal Oxide Varistor
* Machined parts Ultraprecision cutting of Difficult-to-cut materials
PTFE cutting work , General cutting work , Die Casting , Resin Mold